Cake, yes!

For #culture, we decided to start with a #bingeworthy classic – the Great British Bake Off. Plus, who doesn’t love cakes?!

–  Words by the delectable Keight, possibly one of the best humans who has ever existed.


I have developed a major crush on Paul Hollywood, of the Great British Bake Off.  I have admitted this to only limited people, and been roundly mocked.  However, this has not been sufficient to deter me.

This crush developed through a weekend of binging the Great Sport Relief British Bake Off series, produced for charity and available in all of its glory on YouTube.


The incredible tension that the show provides needs to be seen to be believed.  Will Sarah’s dough rise?  Will Simon drop his cake?  And what will Paul say about the finished product …

The contestants invest their time, creativity and pride into their creations.  No one holds back, and all are ambitious (some with very limited experience).  There is nothing like watching someone who has never even made a biscuit attempt their first show stopper cake extravaganza.  When a contestant succeeds it is a triumph you can share, and when a contestant fails you also suffer.

And of course, critically, the show provides an excellent distraction from the day to day stress of life.  Who cares about that work deadline, or the laundry, when we can watch and see if a contestant has managed to avoid the dreaded soggy bottom on their pie?

So, get UberEats to drop off some dessert, get into those PJs and get ready to binge…

Watch here




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