How to spring

Quiet weekend for the afterworky team this week! The financier (aka the fiancé) is away with work at the moment, which meant a weekend splayed across the middle of the bed (if you share a bed, you’ll know how rare and glorious this is), watching back-to-back episodes of The Client List (most of which was spent looking out for Colin Egglesfield), and ordering a lot of UberEats.

I did manage to leave the house for a couple of walks around the neighbourhood – the cover image is sunset at the glorious Cox’s Bay Reserve in Auckland.

I also managed to fit in some much needed springcleaning…although, confession, I had to google phrases like “room inspo” and “cleaning motivation” in order to work up the enthusiasm!

For the rest of the procrastinators out there, here are some tips and hacks:

  1. How to fold your clothes: The Konmarie method
    (read: annoying AF, but my god you can fit so much more into a drawer! Also read: this means there’s room for more clothes)
  2. For the list lusters amongst us, try these extensive cleaning checklists: Martha Stewart’s Cleaning Checklists
  3. For the domestically curious amongst us who want to try each of these to see if they actually work: 50 cleaning hacks for your home
  4. And for something that’s more up my alley: Lazy girl cleaning hacks

Room inspo to make you get out of bed and start tidying:

Happy cleaning! xx afterworky.

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